Day 5: Five places I want to visit

I’ve been so busy these days that I just got time to continue this challenge. Phew. Anyway, happy long weekend everyone!

Talking about 5 places I want to visit, at first I couldn’t think of any places because… 7++ months spent 95% of my time at home makes me want to go anywhere. Strolling around the city, going to concerts, hanging out with people, doing many things. But if I had to choose 5 places, maybe my top nominee would go to:

1. Labuan Bajo

I want to go to Labuan Bajo at least once before I die. Enjoy the breathtaking views, spending quality time with my lovely ones, forget about my problems. But knowing that some constructions were just started there makes me sad — please, don’t ruin Labuan Bajo, I want to see the beauty while it lasts. 😢

2. South Korea

Two weeks ago, I impulsively bought a ticket to Korea. It’s not a ‘real’ ticket actually, it’s kind of voucher that you might exchange with the flight ticket which can be used until 2 next years, but I don’t know if I’m really optimistic that I could go there in 2022. I planned it anyway with my fangirl mates (lol), prepared to have good spring days there while actually listening to Spring Day. Hope that world’s condition is getting back to normal again, so that my ticket could be used wisely and I could finally enjoy the trip to Korea. It’s probably my greatest traveling wish for now.

3. Canada

At first I want to write Turkey, or Iceland, but I think I want to go to Canada first. Imagine going to Banff National Park, Moraine Lake, Niagara Falls, or somewhere in Montreal, Vancouver, or Quebec City. What could I ask for more, if I get a wonderful mountain views and strolling around beautiful cities? And oh, please don’t forget about watching aurora borealis at Yellowknife. Definitely my bucket list.

Moraine Lake, Canada (cr. Samar K on Unsplash)

4. Mecca, Saudi Arabia

What else I could do except send a strong aamiin for this?

5. Emirates Stadium & Camp Nou

Let me put two places here since they go to same category, haha. Maybe not many people know that I like football (though I also rarely watch it now), and became a fan of Arsenal FC & FC Barcelona since 2010. Despite it feels like I’m in the middle of toxic relationship with my favorite club(s) lately, due to some news and dramas, but going to these two stadiums will always be my long-lasting wish.

It’s not important for me to have a partner who likes the same football club as me, or even a partner who likes football, but just to show you how cute this couple photo of Ji-ho and Se-hee in Because This Is My First Life:

Probably the most perfect couple photo of all, haha.

After all, I just want to go anywhere.

To Bali. To Malang. To Belitung. To Ambon. To Turkey. To New Zealand. To Italy. To Switzerland. Anywhere. Even I want to go to Jakarta, but not for work, just for strolling around the city, enjoying the beauty of this not-so-beauty city. I just miss going places. Ah, hope this pandemic finally go away soon so that we could go somewhere in the near time!

Another cup of thoughts.